The close collaboration established with FIAB – the Italian Cyclists' Federation - to promote the routes of the Green Tour loop, has made it possible to geo-reference the tracks of the main 8 stages that make up the Green Tour's Veneto loop. You can now download the maps and read thorough descriptions of each individual stage. 

What is more, 16 geo-referenced routes that are connected to the Green Tour's main loop have been added, making it possible to explore other areas of the Veneto region and to discover their outstanding environmental and cultural features, as well as their fine food and wine.

Thanks to the partnership with FIAB, all the routes have been geo-referenced, described step by step and posted on the website, from which they can be downloaded also by using a QR code.

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RV 1 - MINCIO - From the Po river to Lake Garda on the Sun Route (82 km)

RV 2 - AIDA CYCLE ROUTE IN THE VENETO – The cycle path of Northern Italy's main cities (284 km)

RV 3 - VENETIAN ADIGE - The cycle route from Northern Europe to the Adriatic Sea (200 km)

RV 4 - AGNO-GUÀ  – From the valley floor to Recoaro Terme on the brookside cycle path (38 km)

RV 5 - COLOGNESE ROUTE – In the Venetian flatlands among castles and rivers (38 km)

RV 6 - RIVIERA BERICA - On the tracks of the old tramway (50 km)

RV 7 - MIDDLE VICENZA PLAIN - The "Little Holland" in the Venetian flatlands (40 km)

RV 8 -  FROM VICENZA TO THE FOOTHILLS - The charm of old towns, the greenery of Montello (84 km)

RV 9 - VENETIAN BRENTA RIVER - From Valsugana to the Venetian villas of the Riviera (94 km)

RV 10 - EUGANEAN HILLS - Volcanic hills and thermal waters (85km)

RV 11 - FROM ROVIGO AND PADUA TO THE FOOTHILLS - Between the Adige river and the hills in the footsteps of St. Anthony (115 km)

RV 12 - ADIGE-PO - In the heart of Polesine, a land between two rivers (34 km)

RV 13 - FROM THE ADRIATIC SEA TO THE EUGANEAN HILLS - Along the Bacchiglione river, from the Venetian lagoon to the hills (51 km)

RV 14 - FROM VENICE TO THE FOOTHILLS - From the Serenissima on the "Queen Cornaro cycle path" (79 km)

RV 15 - FROM TREVISO TO THE FOOTHILLS - From the March of Treviso to the Prosecco hills (62 km)

RV 16 - EASTERN VENICE REGION AND THE SEA - From the mainland to the lagoon and the beaches of the Adriatic sea (41 km)

Mouth of the Sile river – between the Jesolo and Cavallino shores

Left Po bank cycle route 


Cologna Veneta


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